We are saddened to announce that Tuomo Kärnä has passed away on Friday 24th January 2014. Tuomo was diagnosed with cancer over 15 years ago and had been undergoing several treatments. We would like to thank for the many kind messages and condolences on Tuomos death. We have drawn great comfort from knowing so many people appreciate his work.


In memory of Tuomo Kärnä. The leading ice load expert in the Nordic countries.

It is sad that the Finnish ice load expert Tuomo Kärnä has passed away. The cancer he fought during several years, finally won. He became only 68 years.

We have lost an amazing kind and professional colleague, who was always willing to stand up and help identify the correct solutions. Ice is one of the most difficult materials to handle: Steel is simple, concrete complex, soil difficult, and ice is impossible. Tuomo contributed to that the impossible ice could be handled.

He was chairman of the load committee for the ISO 19906 (arctic offshore code), where he succeeded in releasing the vital data from field measurements of ice loads and in outlining an improved load assessment procedure in 2010. This work required a hard fight between the dedicated ice experts. For example, 103 pages of comments were submitted to the first draft of the code from the countries involved.

In recent years, Tuomo implemented a dynamic model for ice loads on offshore wind turbine structures, making it possible to construct monopiles without ice cones on the Baltic 1&2 and Anholt wind farms. We know that Tuomo really enjoyed that the offshore wind industry appreciated and utilized the know-how he was the main developer of.

We have lost a friend and a professional colleague. We miss the friend but we miss also that we no longer can ask him for advice and support. We honor his memory.

Helge Gravesen

Chief Consultant in Grontmij

Previous chairman in Danish Society for Hydraulic Engineering

Anders Sørrig Mouritzen

Senior Engineer in DONG Energy


Remembering Tuomo

Tuomo was an outstanding person in everything; in his relations to people independently of their position, his level of intellect and his personality. I have many friends in Finland, US, Norway, and of course Russia, but Tuomo was the best of them. I even саn not compare him with others.

Tuomo was a perfect diplomat. A group of scientist from different institutions and cities was working under his supervision. Each time in common meetings I worried that some disagreements will be inside the group. But always Tuomo very gently, step by step, found a solution. In the end of the meeting people of each group thought that whey have won.

Tuomo gave me the example of the relation to work. He made everything without hurry, very strictly and carefully. Tuomo was extremely polite, extremely attentive and very mild, but also strong when necessary.

Tuomo loved his family. I remember his delight when his daughter had brought the grandson. I remember the time when Aino had defended the doctoral thesis and the University holds the dancing party for the new doctors. Tuomo was very glad that his wife had got the degree and especially thoroughly was preparing to the party.

In Russia in the end of the burial ceremony we tell вечная память . This means that the memory of this person will exist forever. The outstanding persons like Tuomo influence on surrounding people. And they transfer this influence on other people. This means that some part of Tuomo’s soul will live and spread forever. And the part of his soul will live in my country, because in my relations with people I try to follow Tuomo.

Tuomo’s death is a great loss for his family, for science, for Finland and for me. It does not feel fair that the most perfect person leaves us the first. Until I am alive I will remember Tuomo.

Karl Shkhinek

Professor, St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University

In memory of Tuomo Kärnä

Tuomo Kärnä is a well-known scientist in the world, who has made a significant contribution to solving the various technical problems. He was the leader of numerous international technical projects. The creative team included scientists from Norway, Denmark, Russia and Ukraine. Besides Tuomo collaborated with scientist of USA, Canada, South Korea and Germany.

I was a team leader of the researchers of the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering. Together with Tuomo we solved two important tasks, the results of which were published in Russia and other countries. Thanks to these researches was developed method of the local pressure calculation and force action hummocks to offshore structures.

Tuomo Kärnä´s name should be added to the list of scientists who have made significant contributions to the technical science.

Stanislav Rogachko

Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences

Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture


Tuomon muistoa kunnioittaen

Saimme surusanoman Tuomon kuolemasta Houstonissa viimeisten ISO-kokousten aikana. Vaikka tiesimme hänen vaikeasta sairaudestaan, hänen äkillinen kuolemansa yllätti ja järkytti.

Tuomosta tuli viimeisten kahdenkymmenen vuoden yhteisten projektien aikana ystävä, ja ihailemme hänen tieteellistä työtään. Hänen neuvoaan hakivat meidän ohellamme myös monet kansainväliset työtoverit. Hänen tieteellisen toimintansa laajuus näyttäytyy selvästi lukemattomissa julkaisuissa ja säännöksissä. Nämä julkaisut tulevat olemaan nuorille insinööreille avuksi, kun he pyrkivät ratkaisemaan rakennelmien mittausongelmia jäiden peittämissä vesissä, ja Tuomon työpanos saa sille kuuluvan kunnian.

Tuomon poistuttua keskuudestamme menetimme korkeasti arvostetun, aina positiivisesti ajattelevan ystävän. Tulemme aina pitämään hänen muistonsa mielessämme.

Tuomon muistoa kunnioittaen,

Peter Jochmann,

HSV GmbH, Arctic Technology osaston työntekijät



If you wish to leave a message about Tuomo, please email aino.karna(at)helsinki.fi